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Chromotherapy: the benefits of having a bath full of colors

Colors radiate light energy through vibrations which strongly influence both our body and emotions, thus, helping make our quality of life better.

What is chromotherapy and how can it help you?

Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is a form of therapy that uses color and light to treat certain mental and physical health conditions. It’s defined as “a technique that aims to stimulate the senses, redressing any imbalances brought on by everyday stresses, and/or create a more positive state of mind”.

Did you know that, according to experts’ recommendations, just 30 minutes a day of colors therapy is enough to reap the benefits?

What is its origin?

But where does this unusual and original practice come from? We have to go back to the time of the Pharaohs to find the ancestor of this therapy.
It was the Persian philosopher, writer, physician and scientist Avicenna who created the first form of chromotherapy. He created the first correspondence table between colors and body temperatures. His vision is that a person should heal himself by being exposed to the color opposite to his symptoms. For example, red should be avoided by people who are sanguine and angry, whereas yellow is effective and provides energy.

It was not until much later, in France, that Jean-Michel Weiss enriched the foundations of chromotherapy with his device that could generate up to 1000 colors. He will experiment with his therapy and validate it.

The most significant benefits of chromotherapy are summed up in these four key points:

  1. It helps to ‘recharge’ energies, reducing both physical and mental tiredness.
  2. It helps to reduce sleep disorders.
  3. It helps with pain (headaches, muscle pain, etc.)
  4. It stimulates the central nervous system.

Discover how to improve your health with colors

Colors have an incredible power to evoke emotions, uplift spirits, and create a harmonious ambiance. Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, harnesses this inherent emotional connection to enhance well-being and promote healing.

Colors and their meaning:

1. Orange. It relieves tiredness and enhances your mood against depression.
2. Yellow. It is a color full of energy, which stimulates enthusiasm, and improves your mind and muscular tone.
3. Green. The benefits of what is natural. Both calming and encouraging, it provides serenity and helps you sleep.
4. Blue. Tranquility. It produces a feeling of serenity and peace. It helps ease your muscle tension.
5. Purple. It is a color which activates your imagination.
6. Indigo. It is the color of creativity and inspiration.
7. Magenta. It increases blood pressure, regulates vitality and gets you going.


chromotherapy offers a natural and complementary approach to improving your well-being. By surrounding yourself with colors that correspond to your desired emotional and physical state, you can harness the power of light to reduce stress, boost energy, improve sleep, and manage pain.
Chromotherapy features help you live a healthier life, and with Riva products you can bring this experience into your life.

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