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Smart Mirror TV Bathroom


As a well-designed mirror with built-in touch LCD screen, With dedicated motherboard and OS, Let’s take a look at the main features:

Product Performance:

High-end Glass Technology

Anti-oxidation, No black dots.
Non-deformation HD image.

Waterproof and dustproof (IP44-IP65)

Professional design and serious craftsmanship endow the smart mirror with waterproof ability there is no fear in the wet environment of bathroom, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-leakage and safer.

Smart Defogger Technology

Using self-heating technology to demist and keep the mirror clear, we don’t need the heat radiation sensor.

Smart Wake-up Technology

Sleep is a mirror, open is the screen. The magic mirror has a butt-in human body sensor radar. When a person approaches 0-100cm, the screen automatically lights up. You can also double-click the mirror to wake up or turn off the screen.

Health Management Technology

Smart Band

Skin analyzer

Body fat scale


1. Android 11 OS and OTA
2. Wallpaper
3. Patent high performance motherboard
4. Frameless and backlit design.
5. IP44
6. The mirror adopts anti-oxidation technology, no rust and no black spots.
7. 10.1 HD display.
8. Stepless dimmable and CCT
9. High-fidelity waterproof speaker


Installing smart mirrors in a number of fitness halls will make the players and teachers more familiar with the features of the mirror and closely familiar with the mirror and testing the mirror.

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