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Comfort and relaxation with our jacuzzi and hot tub.

Our jacuzzi features

We are proving the best type of jacuzzi that we take care of every detail that the jacuzzi should have.

The Jacuzzis are designed to be used for the long term.

We want to give more pleasure to our clients also they try a new experience that’s why we have made many different features among the Jacuzzis.​

Not only have we presented the best quality, we grantees the Jacuzzis and we will not allow any mistakes to happen in the Jacuzzis.

The Jacuzzis System

Three different systems are available for our Jacuzzis according to the table below so that we can fulfill the different demands of our clients.



This type of system is the simplest type of Jacuzzi system which has a simple control system and only includes the main functions including turning on the throwing of the water pressure machine and controlling the water pressure to decrease and increase.


This type of system is developed compared to the classic Jacuzzi system, this type of Jacuzzi includes a group of more functions than other Jacuzzis which is a modern control system through this way you can control all the specialties in Jacuzzi and those specialties are applying underwater color, music, Hither and many other types of jets in Jacuzzi that all of this is controlled at the same time by one system.

Modern +

This type of system has the highest function in all other types available so far this system has control over all of the features of the Jacuzzi which consists of characteristics such as water and air jets, underwater color, heater, ozone for cleaning Inside the pipes, music, the monitor screen, each of these functions can be controlled separately.

The features of the nozzle

The use of a jacuzzi is a simple and profitable job for the health, the well-being of the alumni of the workers, and the improvement of their blood in the direction. Not only this, with the help of fire you can move your home to a more comfortable place.

Jett Nozzle

Jett Nozzle used to massage your body, helps to revitalize the skin and speed up the blood cycle.

Hydrogen Nozzle

Hydrogen Nozzle is used to remove tension on the muscles because it can be moving freely so you can use it for the specific muscle that you want.

Slim Nozzle

The specialty of this type of nozzle is that because of the narrow mouth of the nozzle, the water will touch your body with more pressure.

Sprinkler Nozzle

This type of nozzle helps to remove tension on those muscles related to the shoulder and neck.

Air Nozzle

This nozzle will create a soft pressure through an air massaging the muscles of your legs and thighs.

Floor Nozzle

This nozzle works the same as the Air Nozzle but massages the muscles of your legs and thighs through water pressure.


Chromotherapy or color therapy, from the underwater light you can change the color of your tub to whatever color you like, each color has it is own effect, which will better-sleeping cycle.


To feel completely relaxed while using the Jacuzzi, we have a music player so you can listen to the music that you enjoy.



To be more comfortable when you stay in you Jacuzzi, you can adjust the Jacuzzi temperature by using the heater that we are provided for your Jacuzzi.

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